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Cybertruck’s Sound System – 15 Speakers With with two dedicated subwoofers, Really Damn Loud


While most of the buzz around Tesla’s Cybertruck has focused on the angular steel exoskeleton or impressive specs like acceleration and range, there’s an overlooked feature music lovers should get pumped up for – the truck’s auditory abilities. Though specific sound system details remain unconfirmed by Tesla officially, leaked parts catalogs reveal a 15-speaker array is likely.

This speaker setup outfits the electric truck with two dedicated subwoofers and a speaker count on par with Tesla’s current top-of-the-line Model S Plaid. But the Cybertruck takes a quality over quantity approach, cutting back to 15 speakers total while enhancing that all-important bass. Consider your playlists bumped up to the next level!

Cybertruck's Sound System

Audio engineer Jason Dea, known for his work mastering records, has stated unequivocally via X/Tweet – “there is no vehicle on the road w/ sound like this.” Calling it “Recording Studio Sound Dynamics,” Dea indicated the Cybertruck provides an unprecedented on-the-road listening experience.

And popular tech reviewer Marques Brownlee who test drove a Cybertruck prototype concurred about the audio amplitude, saying “the speakers do get really damn loud.” Unfortunately copyright issues kept him from including a demo in his YouTube test drive video. But the takeaway is clear – this electric truck packs some serious decibels and music clarity.

We can likely thank Tesla’s team-up with legendary Danish sound company Bang & Olufsen for the Cybertruck’s siren call. Though Tesla has not officially branded the vehicle’s system as B&O, their audio engineers have customized the setup. Industry rumors point to a similar no-name high-end solution as found across Tesla’s lineup.

So when you picture the Cybertruck, make sure to imagine more than angular lines and swift acceleration. This electric truck looks ready to provide the heart-thumping, spine-tingling musical ride of a lifetime. Hard rock, classical, hip hop or country – whatever your flavor – the Cybertruck is poised to deliver audio ecstasy.

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