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Cybertruck Amphibious Makeover – Tesla Touts Mod Kit for DIY Water Travel


Ever dreamed of boating across rivers and lakes in your electric truck? Well, Elon Musk just teased that fantasy could become reality! In a recent exchange, Tesla’s CEO revealed plans to offer an official “mod package” enabling Cybertruck owners to traverse significant waterways.

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It all started innocently enough. During a Cyber Roundup event, lead vehicle designer Franz von Holzhausen commented that the Cybertruck’s buoyant stainless steel structure “almost floats” as is. He conjectured creative owners could even MacGyver an outboard motor setup using the onboard power outlets.

Amused by the vision of DIY amphibious Cybertrucks, Elon Musk leaned into the aquatic hype tweeting “We are going to offer a mod package that enables Cybertruck to traverse at least 100m of water as a boat.”

But what exactly would this entail? Mainly enhanced door seals confirms Musk, augmenting cabin waterproofing for brief bursts of aquatic operation.

Of course, safely navigating rivers or lakes relies on additional factors like propulsion, steering, flotation support and stability too. Here’s hoping Tesla has thoroughly thought through solutions or partnered with marine mobility companies before owners start sinking their futuristic investments!

In the meantime, the promise of officially sanctioned Cybertruck water travel upgrades has stirred excitement. Enthusiasts quickly chimed in with creative build ideas like parasails or pontoons for longer voyages.

While specifics remain pending, one thing’s guaranteed – this electric truck’s versatility continues growing in unexpected new directions. Where you take your “seaworthy” Cybertruck next is entirely up to your imagination. The open waters call!

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