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Cybertruck Wade Mode Unveiled: How Tesla’s Electric Pickup Crosses Rivers


The Tesla Cybertruck is positioned as the ultimate electric vehicle for off-roading adventures, how exactly will it handle one major obstacle – water crossings? Details have emerged revealing the Cybertruck’s specially engineered “wade mode” allowing it to ford streams and rivers without shorting the battery. Let’s dive in on this revolutionary tech!

First, what is wade mode? Selected from the central touchscreen when encountering water obstacles, wade mode adjusts air suspension height while pressurizing the battery pack to repel external water. This seals the sensitive (and expensive) battery components safely inside the truck’s exoskeleton as you traverse trickier terrain.

The Cybertruck’s generous 14-inch suspension travel easily raises the pickup’s ground clearance to handle shallow water, simply lifting the chassis higher doesn’t guarantee water won’t infiltrate where it shouldn’t. Here’s where the pressurized battery comes in.

Within Cybertruck parts catalogs, an intriguing entry dubbed “scuba pack airline” routes compressed air from the tank directly to the 123 kWh battery enclosure. Additionally, a “scuba valve block” channels this air, increasing outward pressure to actively resist external water seeping in. Consider it an internal force field guarding your battery back.

cybertruck "scuba valve block" channels

This innovative scuba setup stems from Elon Musk’s early aspirations for the Cybertruck to function as a makeshift boat for short periods, while amphibious capabilities seem less likely today, the principles clearly evolved into the clever wade mode solution – granting peace of mind when crossing streams or handling heavy rain.

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Between customized drive modes, adjustable ride height, and newly revealed battery pressurization tactics, the Cybertruck looks more than ready to get wet and wild while protecting its coveted cargo. Drivers can tap into wade mode and trust that their battery stays high and dry inside that sturdy steel shelter. That flexibility bolsters this EV pickup’s versatility both on and off-road.

So bring on the river crossings, mud pits, and stormy days! Because the Cybertruck has unique tricks up its exoskeleton to take on water while forging ahead virtually anywhere a truck might be taken. Drivers now have deeper insight into how Tesla safeguards batteries, clearing the way to epic adventure.