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Home » Tesla Makes Disney Disappear? Streaming App Vanishes From Some Vehicles

Tesla Makes Disney Disappear? Streaming App Vanishes From Some Vehicles

Tesla Makes Disney Disappear?

In a strange turn of events, some Tesla owners recently discovered the Disney+ app missing from their in-car entertainment systems. But before calling for a witch hunt, reports indicate this streaming service snafu only impacts vehicles where the app has never been launched.

Essentially, Disney+ gets automatically hidden on Teslas if the owner hasn’t interacted with it since purchase. But for drivers actively using Disney+ in-car, zero changes – the app remains fully functional.

So why the discrepancy? Tesla hasn’t officially commented on the disappearing Disney act. Some speculate it relates to minimizing onboard software bloat. Since the app occupies storage space whether used or not, Tesla may remove unused apps over time to streamline systems.

The plot thickens given Disney’s sister streaming platform, Hulu, still features prominently without issues. Both apps come from the same parent company, so seeing Hulu untouched raises questions.

Could backstage corporate politics be at play? Or more likely, is Disney+ itself requesting removal from dormant vehicles to manage costs? Each unique app login ticks up Telsa’s usage rates with the provider. It’s feasible Disney wishes to limit free app riders.

Whatever the exact rationale, drivers needn’t panic about losing their Disney fix. Tesla confirms that while the app icon may vanish from the main UI, Disney+ remains accessible anytime via the vehicle’s web browser. Simply navigating to the Disney+ website logs you straight back in with full functionality.

Additionally, for any owners missing that iconic branded app icon, Tesla notes Disney+ easily reinstalls following the initial browser session. So whether you’re an avid Disney fanatic or an occasional viewer, rest assured the magical kingdom remains reachable from your EV’s infotainment system!

No doubt we’ll learn more details soon on the disappearing streaming act as both Tesla and Disney clarify what prompted the change. Until then, listeners can breathe easy knowing this looks less like the start of a feud and more a mundane backend update.

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