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Tesla Charges Ahead in Europe 2023, Leave Rivals Struggling to Keep Pace


Tesla is sparkling as an electric shooting star across European skies, burning brighter each quarter while once-mighty auto titans flicker and fade. Europe was expected to be tough terrain for Elon Musk’s upstart to crack, yet Tesla continues a surging, seemingly unstoppable ascent—November data reveals a 21.7% bite of the EU’s crucial battery-powered vehicle market, almost double its 2022 levels.

Peering deeper at year-to-date figures tells an even more dominant tale, friends. Powered by roughly 247k in deliveries across the region, Tesla has carved out an 18.3% share thus far, firmly cementing itself alongside established players. But while giants like Volkswagen and Stellantis stumble, Tesla soars ever higher.

Consider Tesla’s remarkable all-powertrain gains: +1.17 percentage points gobbled up in just twelve months, from 1.38% to 2.55% market share including internal combustion engines. Analysts label such enormous leaps in brief windows downright extraordinary—disruption at mach speed. And Tesla’s lightning has only struck the first in a gathering storm set to jolt Europe for years hence.

Tesla Charges Ahead in Europe 2023

In the process, the American upstart has rocketed up two spots to become the EU’s 9th largest automaker, having also tripled sales growth versus its next closest competitor. While Tesla races forward at breakneck velocity, many old guard brands slide slowly but surely into oblivion. Stellantis suffered most in 2023’s market turmoil, surrendering almost 1.9 points across its portfolio.

Even worse, Ford imploded to abysmal lows, driving 0.68 disastrous points in the reverse direction. Should such trajectories persist, industry watchers expect Tesla to surpass Ford in 2024 as Europe’s eighth biggest producer—a possibility that seemed ludicrously impossible just three years ago. Yet here Tesla stands, firing on all cylinders, shaking empires asunder.

So fret not for Tesla’s fortunes in the Old World. Far from a stumbling block, the road ahead looks smooth, clear, and jampacked with thirsty consumers ready to plug into the future. As legacy brands fade into the rearview, our glimpse of tomorrow accelerates unabated.

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