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Home » Tesla Model 3/Y Finally Lets Drivers Override Temperamental Auto Wipers

Tesla Model 3/Y Finally Lets Drivers Override Temperamental Auto Wipers

Tesla auto wiper function

In what may be the most monumental moment in Tesla’s history, a recent software update now allows disabling auto wipers when using Model 3/Y Autopilot or FSD modes. This small but mighty feature update fixes an infuriating quirk that left drivers helpless against randomly swishing wipers on sunny days.

Tesla’s auto wiper function seemed like a good idea in theory. But in practice, the algorithms proved lacking, triggering wipers when no visible rain or debris appeared. Sunny skies would suddenly lead to a maddening wiper dance across the perfectly dry windshield (Tesla’s Vision for Perfect Wipers Remains Cloudy, The Journey from Imperfect to Exceptional?), eliciting groans from drivers.

Confirmation has surfaced that improved auto wiper logic now better discerns appropriate triggering conditions. And drivers can fully disable auto mode to regain manual control if needed. These tweaks should throttle back the wiper flailing episodes and bring some peace of mind in precipitate-free conditions.

Make no mistake, this upgrade is huge in terms of drivability and user experience. Windshield wipers serve critical functions beyond just clearing rain, including cleaning cameras used by Autopilot and Full Self-Driving capabilities. Keeping sensors optimized is crucial for continued improvements to Tesla’s neural network-based autonomous platform.

Kudos to Tesla for finally acknowledging fan complaints and pushing through an auto wiper update six years in the making. While not as flashy or attention-grabbing as new models or features, this fix has an outsized impact for existing owners. The ability to rein in those high-spirited wipers will surely improve commutes and restore sanity one drop-free drive at a time. Small tweaks can have big consequences. Here’s to better automated wiping!

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