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Huawei Aims for Luxury Electric Vehicle Excellence with High-Tech AITO Wenjie M9


Huawei rocked the Chinese auto world by unveiling its hotly anticipated AITO Wenjie M9 luxury electric vehicle at a launch event today. Packed with cutting-edge tech from Huawei’s full stack of solutions, this intelligent stunner turns heads while promising an unprecedented driving experience.

As Huawei’s flagship release Harmony Intelligent Mobility Alliance (HIMA) expectations were sky-high for the Wenjie M9. By combining superb design and craftsmanship with smart innovations, the Wenjie M9 delivered on its hype at a starting price of 469,800 yuan.


Measuring over 15 feet long with a drag coefficient of 0.264, the Wenjie M9 exudes refined elegance and aerodynamic performance. Owners can choose from five sophisticated exterior colors sure to draw envy.

But the Wenjie M9’s most jaw-dropping features are inside, versatile interior pampers passengers with indulgent amenities and space befitting a luxury villa. Up front are power-adjustable heated and ventilated seats with built-in massage. Even more decadent are the heated and ventilated zero-gravity second row seats, promising cloud-like comfort and support.


Huawei prioritized silence and discretion by sealing the cabin with double-layer soundproof glass and active noise cancellation. Front passengers benefit from a giant 32-inch cinema-grade adjustable screen, while 10 total displays provide unmatched digital immersion, 25-speaker 7.1.4 surround system completes the first-class infotainment oasis.

Yet the Wenjie M9 shines brightest by leveraging Huawei’s automotive technologies. Smart electric doors silently open themselves and avoid obstacles automatically, advanced lighting system enables interactive communication via light animations. Power comes from a highly efficient electric powertrain with fast charging capabilities.

Most remarkably, Huawei’s sophisticated autonomous driving system taps cameras, radar, lidar and HD mapping to enable automated parking, adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance and more. Effortless autonomous driving promises to ease the ride further.

And thanks to Huawei’s HarmonyOS integration, occupants connect seamlessly to smart home devices and personalized services right from the vehicle. Whether adjusting your home temperature or picking up where you left off in a show, HarmonyOS bridges your digital life.

By fusing avant-garde style, unrivaled luxury, and Huawei’s most advanced driver assistance tech, the Wenjie M9 sets a new bar for Chinese EVs. Compared to brands like BYD, Li Auto, Huawei took a giant leap ahead on its first attempt.

Early feedback saw auto journalists worldwide impressed by Huawei’s beginner’s luck. As the Wenjie M9 reaches eager customers in 2024, it appears well-poised to blaze a new trail for intelligent vehicles in China and beyond. Tech and auto giants alike may need to keep eyes squarely focused on emerging dark horse Huawei.

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