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Tesla Cybertruck Tops Charts as Most American-Made Truck


In a patriotic milestone, Tesla Cybertruck has been confirmed as the most American-made truck overall. An analysis of the Cybertruck shows over 90% of its parts are sourced from the United States and Canada.

Tesla has announced final pricing and range specs for Cybertruck, including range extender option enabling over 470 miles capacity on higher-spec models. RWD trim at $60,990 before credits, AWD and “Cyberbeast” variants see $79,990 and $99,990.

The Cybertruck handily beats stalwarts like the Ford F-150, which contains just 30-38% domestic content. Tesla’s focus on localized manufacturing is paying dividends.

According to the Cybertruck’s Monroney label, 65% of components come directly from the US and Canada. Key assemblies occur in Tesla’s home state of Texas, including:

  • Battery manufacturing and assembly in Austin
  • Drive unit construction in Austin
  • Gearbox/transmission assembly in Austin
  • Final vehicle assembly in Austin

Additionally, the truck’s unique exoskeleton body utilizes American steel. Tesla also produces the Cybertruck’s seats at its Fremont, California factory.

Achieving such high domestic sourcing in short order is remarkable for a futuristic vehicle like the Cybertruck, it should bring peace of mind to patriotic buyers.

With electric vehicle manufacturing accelerating in the US, Tesla is setting an example for keeping supply chains on American soil. Cybertruck’s American roots may give it a boost as consumers focus on supporting US workers and industry.

Tesla is raising the bar for localizing production, Cybertruck’s homegrown engineering and manufacturing is worth applauding.

Of course, the coolest thing about the Cybertruck remains its radical design vision, American spirit makes the revolutionary pickup even more special. Tesla continues innovating technically while bringing manufacturing jobs back home.

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