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Home » Tesla Cuts Model S/X and Model Y EPA Range Up to 37 Miles Due to New Testing

Tesla Cuts Model S/X and Model Y EPA Range Up to 37 Miles Due to New Testing

Tesla Cuts Model S/X and Model Y EPA Range

Tesla has significantly reduced the EPA estimated range shown for various Model S and Model Y versions on its website, sudden drop of up to 37 miles stems from the EPA now mandating more rigorous real-world testing.

For the Model S specifically, the Long Range version fell from 405 to 368 miles. The high-performance Plaid originally showed 348 miles but now displays just 320 miles.

The Model X luxury SUV also saw its EPA numbers cut. The Long Range model dropped from 348 to 335 miles, while the Model X Plaid slipped from 333 to 326 miles.

Over in the Model Y lineup, the popular Long Range configuration has 310 miles of range. This is down from the previous 330 mile estimate. And the sportier Performance model now shows 285 miles rather than 303 miles.

Tesla has not altered pricing despite the EPA range reductions. The company notes that new testing procedures are the key driver behind the lower numbers.

Starting with 2024 model year vehicles, the EPA now evaluates EVs in both best and worst-case acceleration and ride height scenarios. Previously, only optimal conditions were used.

This mandated change better reflects how factors like aggressive driving impact real-world range. While the EPA lab tests are more stringent, they give consumers a more realistic mileage expectation.

Most electric vehicle makers selling in America will likely experience similar EPA range decreases due to the updated testing regimen. Tesla is among the first to incorporate these new certification procedures.

Despite the latest EPA adjustments, drivers are still likely to meet or even exceed the rated mileage in normal use. The new testing provides valuable data on driving habits that can drain range faster than ideal conditions.

Tesla’s official ranges still lead all EVs except Lucid models that remain untested per the revised EPA methodology. While on paper the ranges dropped, typical driving should still deliver excellent mileage.

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