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Home ยป Tesla Model X Orders in Limbo as Requests Reconfiguration – Updated EPA Range Estimates

Tesla Model X Orders in Limbo as Requests Reconfiguration – Updated EPA Range Estimates

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Tesla Model X reservation holders recently received concerning news – reconfigure your order or risk cancellation. In an email, Tesla notified customers with pending 2023 Model X orders that they must update their configurations by January 10th 2024. Failure to do so will result in a cancelled order and refunded deposit.

This sudden change stems from EPA range downgrades for the Model X Long Range. Tesla states that “comfort and functionality improvements” now require more battery energy. The EPA also tightened testing guidelines, further reducing official range estimates.

As a result, the Model X variants that buyers originally ordered are discontinued. Tesla is asking customers to log in and reconfigure their Model X based on the new options available. This likely involves selecting shorter battery range or downgrading features to maintain the original price point.

Understandably, buyers who waited months for their Model X are frustrated. Now they face either tweaking their dream car or walking away empty handed. Many took to forums like Reddit to vent about the situation.

On one hand, Tesla needs to account for EPA changes outside its control. The company has invested billions in new factories and production capacity. Streamlining offerings helps maximize output and profitability.

This illustrates the double-edged sword of Tesla direct ordering. Buyers have praised the ability to customize and order online. But it also gives Tesla latitude to make last-minute configuration changes outside of the traditional dealership model.

For Model X hopefuls, it’s a painful lesson in managing expectations with Tesla’s uniquely dynamic ordering process. And the automaker may further streamline options as it works through its reservations backlog in 2024 and beyond.

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