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Home » Tesla Trademarks ‘Cyberhammer’ – Get Ready to Swing a Sledge at the Gym!

Tesla Trademarks ‘Cyberhammer’ – Get Ready to Swing a Sledge at the Gym!

Tesla Trademarks 'Cyberhammer'

Tesla is looking to disrupt yet another industry – fitness! The automaker recently filed a trademark application for ‘Cyberhammer’, hinting at a gym sledgehammer inspired by the futuristic Cybertruck.

The January 10th filing covers “exercise equipment, namely gym hammers for fitness purposes.” So it seems Tesla has plans to bring its Cyber style to workout gear.

tesla Cyberhammer' hinting at a gym sledgehammer

We got a sneak peek at the potential Cyberhammer last year during a Cybertruck delivery event. Elon Musk was spotted checking out a steel driving hammer emblazoned with the Cybertruck logo. This brutal looking sledge could provide the blueprint for the upcoming gym equipment.

I regularly use an exercise sledgehammer for full-body training. These weighted hammers build tremendous core strength and stability as you swing them around. You can incorporate them into routines with squats, lunges and rotational movements.

Having tried various sledgehammer brands, many use cheaper materials that don’t withstand daily abuse. But you can bet Tesla will engineer the Cyberhammer to be virtually indestructible, just like the truck itself.

The stainless steel Cybertruck design would also make for a far more durable hammer compared to painted wood handles that chip and crack over time. And of course it will look incredibly badass swinging a mini Cyberhammer around the gym!

Tesla’s mission is accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Now it seems they also want to accelerate your fitness gains! The Cyberhammer trademark indicates Tesla is ready to disrupt the exercise equipment industry next.

Would you pump iron with a Tesla-branded Cyberhammer? Share your thoughts on Tesla’s ambitions beyond just building awesome EVs and products for the home.

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