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What’s New in the Tesla 2023 Refreshed Model 3 Highland North American?

All-New Tesla Model 3 Highland Debuts in North America

After an incredible 6.5 year run and around 2.3 million units sold, production of the original 2017-2023 Tesla Model 3 is ending. This affordable electric sedan not only revolutionized the auto industry, also dismantled the notion that EVs couldn’t be profitable, low-cost, mass-market cars.

So what’s new in the North American refreshed Model 3 Highland compared to the old model? Here’s a rundown of all the changes:

Same Prices, More Range
Pricing on the refreshed Model 3 Long Range and Rear Wheel Drive models remains the same, which is great news for buyers. Even better, range has increased by up to 2.4% on the Long Range trim to 341 miles (same 272 mile range for RWD).

An Extensive Redesign with 50% New Parts
A whopping 50% of the parts in the refreshed Model 3 highland are brand new, interior has been completely redesigned with softer, more premium materials that feel great to the touch. New colors like Ultra Red and Stealth Gray join the lineup, while improved aerodynamics and acoustic glass provide a quieter ride.

All-New Tesla Model 3 Highland Debuts in North America

More Cargo Space, Less Noise
Cargo capacity is up by 4.3%, while new insulation and acoustic glass reduce wind, road, and ambient noise by 30%. Say goodbye to loud rides in your Model 3!

Suspension Upgrades For a Smoother Ride
New springs, dampers, bushings, and other suspension tweaks add up to a more refined and premium driving experience. Improved tires cushion the ride even further.

Redesigned Interior and New Tech
Gone are the turn signal stalks, replaced by controls on a new steering wheel. The minimalist interior looks more upscale with multicolor ambient lighting and textured fabrics. Rear passengers get their own 8” touchscreen for climate and entertainment.

More Efficient and Safer
Thanks to a lower drag coefficient of 0.219 Cd, the new Model 3 is 8% more energy efficient. New motors allow quieter, smoother operation of the trunk and doors. Passengers are also better protected in the event of a side impact.

When Can I Get One?
Deliveries of the refreshed 2023 Tesla Model 3 start in late January. While the Long Range and RWD models no longer qualify for the US EV tax credit, leasing still allows you to claim the full $7,500 incentive.

After 6.5 highly successful years, the original Model 3 is riding off into the sunset. With dramatic styling changes and major tech upgrades, Tesla has ensured the 2023 refreshed Model 3 highland feels new and improved while remaining an affordable game-changer. Looking for the same magic formula in an EV sedan? The future has arrived.

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