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Home ยป Nissan Unveils High-Performance Ariya NISMO Special Edition at 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon

Nissan Unveils High-Performance Ariya NISMO Special Edition at 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon

Nissan Ariya NISMO Special Edition

Nissan made waves at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon this week with the reveal of the new Ariya NISMO Special Edition. This exciting variant applies NISMO’s signature styling and performance enhancements to Nissan’s innovative Ariya electric crossover. So what makes the Ariya NISMO special?

Visually, the Ariya NISMO edition sports an aggressive dual-tone color scheme combining blue-gray with black accents. The front and rear bumpers display NISMO badges, while redesigned aerodynamic side fins give the Ariya NISMO a racier stance. Adding to the performance vibe are 20-inch smoked black alloy wheels, dual rear spoilers, and a centrally mounted brake light on the rear bumper.

But it’s under the skin where the Ariya NISMO really makes a statement. Two powertrain configurations will be offered: a 66-kWh battery with 362hp or a 91-kWh battery with 429hp. NISMO’s performance tweaks allow the Ariya to accelerate like a race car – in fact, Nissan says the Ariya NISMO will feature an artificial Formula E sound generator to complete the high-performance theme.

Activating “NISMO Mode” unlocks the vehicle’s full performance potential for the ultimate electric driving experience.

While Nissan has yet to announce availability, pricing or driving range, the Ariya NISMO Special Edition represents an exciting new chapter for the brand. By infusing NISMO’s motorsports DNA into Ariya’s avant-garde electric crossover, Nissan has created a truly unique performance EV.

Will the Ariya NISMO’s bold styling and race-inspired tech win over performance fans when it hits the street? We’ll have to wait and see, but the Ariya NISMO Edition’s official debut at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon has certainly captured attention in the automotive world.