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Home » SpaceX Releases Rare Look Inside Company Meeting as Elon Musk Previews Major 2024 Milestones

SpaceX Releases Rare Look Inside Company Meeting as Elon Musk Previews Major 2024 Milestones

Elon Musk's all-hands company meeting

SpaceX just did something they’ve never done before – publicly share a recording of Elon Musk’s all-hands company meeting. This rare behind-the-scenes look gives insights into SpaceX’s monumental 2023 and huge goals for 2024.

In the 30-minute talk, Musk covers SpaceX’s record year in 2023 – completing 96 successful missions, sending up 12 more astronaut crews, and doubling Starlink’s global connectivity.

He then previews major milestones targeted for 2024:

  • Starship Orbital Test Flight: SpaceX aims to launch the mega Starship rocket into orbit for the first time ever. This will be a huge leap towards Musk’s vision of sending humans to Mars.
  • Starlink V2 Satellites: SpaceX plans to launch next-gen Starlink satellites with larger antennas and added capacity. This will expand high-speed satellite internet access worldwide.
  • Starlink for Mobile (Direct to Cell Satellites): Musk says SpaceX is working on connectivity for mobile devices like phones and cars, (SpaceX Sends and Receives First Texts via Starlink’s New Direct to Cell Satellites). This will make Starlink truly portable.
  • Starlink Mini: Most intriguingly, Musk reveals they are developing “Starlink Mini” – a miniaturized terminal small enough to fit in a backpack. Imagine having Starlink’s high-speed internet anywhere by just pulling a terminal out of your bag, even in remote areas.

Releasing the recording of this meeting is highly unusual for the typically secretive SpaceX. It offers a fascinating glimpse into the company’s inner workings and motivation as they prep for a groundbreaking 2024. With Musk at the helm driving relentless innovation, SpaceX continues pushing boundaries that will shape the future of space exploration and global internet access.

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