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SpaceX to Launch Game-Changing Starlink Mini Backpack Satellite Terminal

Elon Musk's all-hands company meeting

During a rare public release of SpaceX’s internal all-hands meeting, CEO Elon Musk revealed exciting plans for a miniaturized version of the Starlink satellite internet terminal.

Dubbed “Starlink Mini,” this new terminal will be small and light enough to fit in a backpack. Users will be able to simply pull it out anywhere, even in remote areas, and connect to Starlink’s high-speed low-latency internet.

This will make Starlink far more portable and convenient compared to the current roof-mounted dish terminal. Adventurers, remote workers, and others who need internet access on the go will benefit tremendously.

Musk did not provide details on Starlink Mini’s release timeline, but said it could launch sometime later this year. He also hinted it may require an external battery pack, given its compact size.

The introduction of a truly portable Starlink terminal could be a game-changer for universal internet access. With terminals small enough to toss in a bag, Starlink’s satellite connectivity could reach more users across more regions.

SpaceX continues to push rapid innovation with Starlink. On top of global broadband, Starlink Mini may enable internet anywhere on Earth with the ease of pulling a device out of your backpack. This could be one of Musk’s most impactful announcements yet in providing reliable connectivity globally.

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