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Pepsi Shows Off Tesla Semi’s 500 Mile Range in New CNN Video

Pepsi Shows Off Tesla Semi's 500 Mile Range in CNN Video

Pepsi released a CNN video showcasing the capabilities of their new Tesla Semi trucks. In the video, Pepsi claims that “These trucks can run up to 500 miles on a single charge in a single day.”

From Sep 29, 2023 news, Tesla Semi did 1076 miles, three Tesla Semis participating in the Run On Less program have logged 19,122 miles in two weeks. About 65% of these miles were under loads exceeding 70,000 pounds.

The 500 mile figure is Tesla’s estimate for the Semi with a full 80,000 pound load. Without a trailer, the range increases to 621 miles. This long range reduces range anxiety and enables these electric trucks to cover distances comparable to diesel-powered equivalents.

To achieve 500 miles while fully loaded, the Tesla Semi sports a massive 1 megawatt-hour battery pack. Recharging it requires connecting to a high-power Supercharger or Megacharger station. Tesla says a 30 minute Megacharge can restore 70% range, adding roughly 350 miles. A full charge from 5% to 100% is estimated to take around 8 hours.

While the Tesla Semi’s capable range is disruptive, recharging time remains a challenge versus diesel refueling. Some Fleet operators may prefer hydrogen-powered trucks which can refuel faster. However, the extra charging time enables cheaper overnight charging during mandatory breaks.

Overall, the Pepsi video showcases the Semi’s ability to cover long distances efficiently. According to Tesla’s recent update, their test fleet of Semis have logged over 19,000 miles in just two weeks, with 65% of those miles with loads above 70,000 pounds.

The video provides promising evidence that the Tesla Semi can handle intense cycles of long-haul deliveries. Major companies like Pepsi adopting these trucks will further spur the transition to sustainable transportation. Once charged, the Semi can keep goods moving emission-free for hundreds of miles.