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Elon Musk Confirms $500M Tesla Investment in Dojo Supercomputer


Responding to New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s announcement of a $500 million Tesla investment in a Dojo supercomputer for Buffalo, Elon Musk provided clarification on X/Twitter.

While a substantial amount, Musk noted the $500 million is “only equivalent to a 10k H100 system from Nvidia.” He confirmed Tesla will spend even more on Nvidia hardware in 2024.

Musk reiterated that the “table stakes” for competitiveness in AI training are at least several billion dollars per year currently. This underscores Dojo’s importance, despite some misconceptions after Tesla’s Q4 call.

Clearly, Tesla remains fully committed to Dojo’s development, with Musk stating the $500 million investment is just a starting point. Dojo will leverage state-of-the-art AI training systems to process massive autonomous driving datasets.

In addition to Nvidia, Musk revealed Tesla plans to utilize AMD chips this year to further boost Dojo’s capabilities for full self-driving training.

With Dojo positioned in Buffalo alongside solar and battery production, Tesla continues expanding its New York operations. Dojo will work in tandem with Nvidia and AMD hardware to drive key improvements in Tesla’s AI training computational power.

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