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Tesla Investing $500 Million for Dojo Supercomputer in Buffalo, NY


Tesla plans to invest $500 million to install its Dojo supercomputer in Buffalo, New York according to an announcement from Governor Kathy Hochul.

The Dojo supercomputer will be located at Tesla’s existing Buffalo gigafactory site. It will process massive amounts of data from Tesla’s electric vehicles to improve full self-driving capabilities.

Specifically, Dojo Supercomputer power can process millions of terabytes of driving data from Tesla’s fleet. Analyzing this data will help Tesla enhance the safety and engineering behind its advanced driver assist and full self-driving features.

Dojo will utilize state-of-the-art AI training systems to achieve unprecedented speeds. This will accelerate development of key autonomous driving technologies for Tesla.

The $500 million investment represents Tesla’s deepening commitment to its Buffalo operations. Alongside solar panel and battery production, Buffalo is becoming a hub for Tesla’s self-driving research with Dojo.

Governor Hochul welcomed Tesla’s continued expansion in the state. Dojo’s cutting-edge computing capabilities will likely lead to new advancements in sustainable transportation for Tesla right from Buffalo, NY.

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