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Home Depot Selling New Starlink Dish for $599 with Extended Returns


Home Depot has begun selling SpaceX’s latest Starlink satellite dish in select stores for $599 – the same price as Starlink’s website. However, Home Depot offers perks like faster shipping times and more generous return policies.

December 11, 2023 info, Starlink satellite internet service offered at Costco. Both the standard $599 terminal kit and the new $2,499 High Performance variant can be purchased online and in warehouses. Costco members even score two free months of Starlink service with their purchase.

The 4-generation Starlink dish being sold at Home Depot enables faster internet speeds than previous hardware revisions. Some locations have demo areas for customers to test Starlink’s performance directly in store.

While pricing matches at $599, Home Depot provides advantages for buyers. Shipping times can be as fast as next week depending on zip code, beating Starlink’s site.

Additionally, Home Depot allows returns and refunds on the Starlink kit within 90 days of purchase. itself only allows 30 days for returns after receipt.

This gives customers 3 extra months to evaluate Starlink’s service with the new dish. If speeds or coverage are unsatisfactory, the dish can be sent back for a full refund easily thanks to Home Depot’s policies.

Having Starlink available at brick-and-mortar retail also helps improve distribution and visibility for SpaceX’s satellite internet service. Home Depot’s wide reach exposes Starlink to more potential customers nationwide.

Between the convenience of in-store demos, quicker delivery times, and longer return windows, Home Depot offers compelling benefits for those looking to try Starlink internet.

The partnership helps cement Starlink’s reputation as it moves beyond a niche service toward mainstream availability. With Home Depot on board, SpaceX continues making major retail inroads.

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