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New Inventory Tesla Model Y 2024 Prices Dip Below $30k After Incentives

New Inventory Tesla Model Y Prices Dip Below $30k After Incentives

Tesla has dropped New inventory Model Y 2024 prices to incredible new lows, with the base Rear-Wheel Drive version now available for under $30,000 in many cases after applying the new Federal EV tax credit and state incentives. This makes the hugely popular electric crossover more affordable than comparable gas-powered compact SUVs.

Checking Tesla’s existing inventory listings reveals just how dramatic the pricing has become on new 2024 Model Ys. With the full $7,500 Federal point-of-sale credit plus additional state rebates, prices are dipping into the high $30k range in many regions. For example, a brand new Model Y RWD in California can now be purchased for around $33,000 all-in when factoring the available incentives.

To put things into perspective, the 2024 Honda CR-V Hybrid starts at $34,000 MSRP. Yet a new long-range, high-tech EV like the Model Y can now be had for thousands less in many cases. This completely changes the value proposition of owning an electric vehicle.

Of course, the rebate-adjusted prices mentioned do not account for long-term savings on gas, maintenance, and more that EVs provide. But for car shoppers simply comparing upfront pricing, the Model Y is now shockingly affordable versus gas-powered rivals.

With over 200 million Americans eligible for the revamped point-of-sale Federal tax credit at delivery, these new prices open up Tesla ownership to a massive new segment of buyers. Acting fast is key, as the available inventory at these prices is limited. For those in the market, now may be the best time ever to go electric with the Made-in-America Model Y.

Have you taken advantage of the new EV incentives? Follus us on X @Gearmusk, let us know if you’ve purchased a Model Y at these enticingly low prices.

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