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Tesla Now Officially Allowing Free FSD Transfers in US, New Model S, 3, X or Y


Tesla has just flipped the switch to allow free Full Self-Driving (FSD) transfers in addition to free unlimited Supercharger transfers for a limited time. This provides a major incentive for current Tesla owners in the US, Canada, and Mexico to upgrade to a new Model S, 3, X or Y. However, buyers need to act quickly before the March 31, 2024 cutoff date.

According to Tesla’s updated policy, owners who have FSD on their existing Tesla can now transfer the feature at no cost when purchasing a new Tesla vehicle. This FSD transferability perk applies to the Model 3 for the first time as well.

 Tesla FSD transfer agreement

The free unlimited Supercharger transfer offer has also been revived after Tesla discontinued it last year. So owners with lifetime premium connectivity can bring it along to a brand new Tesla without any fees.

Importantly, these transfer offers are stackable with all other incentives like inventory discounts and the $7,500 Federal tax credit. For example, current Model S/X owners can buy a discounted Model Y inventory car with both FSD and free Supercharging while also qualifying for the full EV rebate.

While exciting, this newly unlocked transferability is only temporary. Tesla has set the cutoff for taking delivery of the new Tesla and transferring over FSD and Supercharging at March 31, 2024. So customers need to act fast if they want to take advantage.

Leased Tesla vehicles are unfortunately not eligible – you must currently own the Tesla to qualify. However, there is no trade-in requirement to benefit from the free transfers when ordering a new Tesla.

For US customers who have been waiting for Tesla to reintroduce FSD and Supercharger transferability, your patience has paid off. This is a huge win for loyal owners, but don’t delay in pulling the trigger, as the window to benefit from this exceptional offer is short.

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