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Ultra-Wideband Support Rolls Out in Tesla 2024.2.3 Update: What Does This Mean for Phone Keys?

Ultra-Wideband Support Rolls Out in Tesla 2024.2.3

Tesla’s latest 2024.2.3 OTA update has begun rolling out ultra-wideband (UWB) support, a new wireless protocol that will drastically improve the reliability and functionality of Tesla phone keys. But what exactly is ultra-wideband and why is it such a game-changer for phone key performance?

In short, UWB enables much more precise location tracking between devices compared to Bluetooth. It uses radio waves like Bluetooth but consumes less energy while providing enhanced location accuracy. Tesla will leverage UWB to pinpoint exactly where your phone is in relation to the car, eliminating many of the frustration phone key issues owners currently experience.

What Phone Key Problems Will UWB Solve?

Phone keys using Bluetooth alone can occasionally fail to unlock or recognize your phone is nearby. This forces owners to take out their phone, open the Tesla app, or manually unlock the vehicle when the car fails to detect the phone key. It’s a minor but annoying issue at times. The ultra-accurate tracking of UWB should solve these problems by always knowing exactly where your phone is compared to the car.

UWB is also expected to improve other features like driver profile selection. Currently, Tesla vehicles automatically switch to the correct driver profile based on which registered Bluetooth phone key is closest to the driver’s seat. The improved location tracking precision of UWB should make this recognition quicker and more reliable.

How Do You Enable UWB with the Phone Key?

The new UWB phone key functionality requires both hardware support in your phone and latest Tesla software. If available, the Tesla app will prompt you to “Upgrade Your Phone Key”, requesting permission to enable UWB access specifically called Nearby Interactions on iPhones. You can revoke app access anytime under iPhone Settings.

Once enabled, your phone key should unlock more reliably whenever you approach your Tesla. UWB allows the system to precisely track your phone’s movement toward the car, recognizing you intend to drive before you even touch the handle.

As more models receive the 2024.2.3 update, Tesla drivers will get to experience keyless access to their vehicle like never before thanks to ultra-wideband and continued OTA software improvements. No more taking out your phone or manually unlocking when the car fails to recognize your phone key!

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