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Cybertruck Receives First Major Software Improvements for Ride, Handling and Charging


Shortly after the long-awaited Cybertruck began initial deliveries, Tesla has rolled out the electric pickup’s first major OTA software update, release focuses on enhancing the Cybertruck’s ride, handling and charging capabilities.

In the release notes, Tesla stated that owners can now expect “a more consistent response on different road surfaces and greater comfort on rough winding pavement in Sport Mode.” The update also improves body control, with “reduced pitch and roll in Off-Road Mode.”

So navigating uneven terrain or driving spiritedly should feel more composed after the upgrade. Tesla aims to give Cybertruck a smoother yet sporty ride quality in line with traditional premium trucks.

Additionally, charging gets a boost with smarter adaptation to various DC fast charging stations. Tesla said battery preconditioning and charging rates can now be “more efficient” when navigating to stations.

This will maximize available power from differing DC charge capacities around various routes. Faster, optimized charging will enhance road trip refueling times.

As Tesla’s most radically designed model yet, the Cybertruck serves as an ongoing testbed for both hardware and continual software innovations. This first major update shows Tesla refining capabilities even after years of development.

Owners waited ages for the first Cybertrucks to roll off the line. Now their patience seems to be paying off, with an even more technologically polished package straight from the gate thanks to Tesla’s OTA upgrade abilities.

Look for expanded functionality like AutoPilot driver-assist features to roll out down the road as well as Tesla integrates feedback from early adopters. Exciting times ahead for eager Cybertruck customers!

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