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Tesla Charges Forward, Opening Superchargers to All EVs in Historic Move

Tesla throws open its Supercharger network to Ford EVs in a historic move

In a landmark moment, Tesla has smashed down the walled garden surrounding its proprietary Supercharger network. Now all electric vehicles will be able to access Tesla’s ultra-fast charging stations across the U.S. and Canada.

This groundbreaking collaboration promises to eliminate range anxiety for non-Tesla EV drivers. Tesla itself states they are “rapidly deploying” new V4 Supercharger posts compatible with other EVs. Could this be the tipping point that convinces more motorists to go electric?

By getting a taste of Tesla’s seamless Supercharger experience, EV owners may be tempted to switch brands in the future after chatting with Tesla drivers. The move also generates revenue for Tesla, with two new Supercharger membership plans available to non-Tesla customers. Tesla is selling $13/month Supercharger membership packages for non-Tesla EV owners.

There are two plans:

  • Pay Per Use: Pay as you go, with access to the Supercharger network.
  • Membership: $12.99/month (in the US), providing access to the Supercharger network with a lower price per kWh.

Tesla stands to earn billions long-term by opening the largest and most reliable fast charging network to all. This perfectly aligns with its stated mission of accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Even competitors seem onboard, with Ford CEO Jim Farley thanking Musk publicly.

But growing pains are inevitable. Will wait times increase with non-Teslas added to the mix? How quickly can Tesla add charging posts to meet demand? And will other automakers step up and invest more in charging infrastructure?

For now, cheers abound for this historic partnership between legacy automakers like Ford and EV trailblazer Tesla. By combining forces, they aim to eliminate all barriers to mass EV adoption. The road to an all-electric future just got a huge boost.