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Rimac Weighs In on New Tesla Roadster’s Outrageous Sub-1 Sec 0-60

Tesla's Next-Gen Roadster

Ever since Tesla stunned the world by announcing their next-gen Roadster will hit 60 mph in an unheard of sub-1 second, the internet has debated whether this claim is achievable or just hype. Now, hypercar maker Rimac has weighed in with his expert take.

Rimac and Bugatti CEO Mate Rimac believes thrusters are the only way Tesla can achieve this physics-defying feat. In simulations done by Rimac’s engineers, compressed air tanks or powerful fans don’t provide the insane acceleration needed. Only rocket thrusters give the massive instant thrust required.

But Rimac notes drawbacks to relying on thrusters. They quickly expend their propellant, leaving dead weight to lug around after just 2-3 seconds. Plus all the supporting systems like tanks and valves add heft. To offset this, the car must be incredibly lightweight.

So while thrusters make sub-1 second times theoretically possible, Rimac believes the solution brings compromises. Owners may get neck-snapping acceleration off the line, but then be saddled with reduced range from the extra equipment.

Rimac himself is no stranger to radical acceleration, with his Rimac Nevera hypercar hitting 60 mph in just 1.85 seconds. But even he seems skeptical of Tesla’s outrageous claim.

Can Tesla pull off this headline-grabbing feat when the Roadster finally reaches production? Or is the sub-1 second benchmark just clever marketing hype? With even an industry pioneer like Rimac uncertain, we’ll have to wait for hard evidence from Tesla.

Until then, the sub-1 second Roadster remains firmly in ‘too good to be true’ territory for most experts. But Elon Musk has made a career of achieving the impossible. So only a fool would bet against him.

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