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Tesla to Honor FSD Transfers Despite Delivery Delays

Tesla 2024 model 3

Tesla offered free Full Self-Driving transfers for vehicles ordered in Q1 2024, aiming to boost deliveries before end of quarter. However, many buyers experienced delivery dates slipping into Q2 amidst strong demand. This left some customers wondering – would Tesla still honor the FSD transfer deal?

Fortunately, Tesla has confirmed that any customer whose delivery timeline shifted from Q1 to Q2 will still be able to take advantage of the free FSD software transfer. This should come as a relief to buyers who planned their purchases around making the Q1 cutoff.

As wait times for new Tesla orders drag on, this policy provides more flexibility. Even if your delivery date slides due to factors like parts shortages or transportation delays, you’ll still get the free transfer you were originally promised.

It’s a smart goodwill gesture by Tesla, ensuring customers don’t lose out due to circumstances beyond their control. This customer-centric thinking has helped fuel Tesla’s rise.

So if you were counting on transferring your existing FSD purchase to a new Tesla this quarter, rest assured you’ll still get the free transfer. Tesla has your back, even when deliveries don’t go as initially planned.

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