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Canadian Tesla Owners Eagerly Await FSD Subscription and Free Trial

Tesla FSD

As Tesla’s FSD v12.3 beta capabilities garner widespread praise, with owners exclaiming “Wow!” upon experiencing the advanced driver assistance system, Canadian Tesla enthusiasts are growing increasingly eager for the opportunity to subscribe to the cutting-edge feature.

In a recent exchange on X, Elon Musk hinted at the possibility of a free FSD trial for all cars in North America, once the system achieves a higher level of smoothness and safety. The promise of experiencing FSD firsthand has Canadian Tesla owners abuzz with anticipation.

Canadian Await FSD Subscription

The prospect of a free FSD trial, coupled with the ongoing refinement of the system, has ignited discussions among Canadian Tesla owners. Many believe that experiencing the technology firsthand will undoubtedly boost subscription rates, as the saying goes, “Experiencing is believing.”

While Musk’s pledge to roll out the free trial across North America is encouraging, the availability of a monthly FSD subscription in Canada remains uncertain. Regulatory approvals and the need to ensure seamless operation on local roads may delay the introduction of such an offering in the Great White North.

Nonetheless, the excitement surrounding Tesla’s cutting-edge autonomous driving capabilities is palpable among Canadian enthusiasts. As the technology continues to evolve and regulatory hurdles are cleared, the desire for a monthly FSD subscription and the promised free trial grows stronger by the day.

In a country renowned for its vast expanses and diverse driving conditions, access to Tesla’s FSD could revolutionize the driving experience for Canadian owners. As they eagerly await Musk’s next move, the question on every Canadian Tesla owner’s mind remains: “When can we experience the ‘Wow’ of FSD for ourselves?”

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