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FSD Coming Taiwan? Tesla Pure Vision Fleet Validation Data Collection Rides Into Taiwan

Tesla's FSD Data Collection Rides Into Taiwan

While Elon Musk dreams of Robotaxis hitting roads next year, the road to autonomy is a global one. Tesla’s latest mapping journey is taking it to the bustling streets of Taiwan.

Yup, a mysterious Tesla vehicle packed with sensors and cameras has been spotted cruising around Taiwan recently. What gives? Well, this “pure vision fleet validation vehicle” isn’t exactly a full self-driving prototype itself. Instead, it’s likely serving as an autonomous advance scout.

These sensor-laden Teslas are used to map and collect “ground truth” data about roads, traffic patterns, signs, and basically anything its cameras can drink in. That precious mapping data gets fed into Tesla’s machine learning models to help “train” its self-driving artificial intelligence for navigating those specific roadways autonomously.

Tesla FSD Global Rollout On the Horizon?

Seeing one of Tesla’s data vacuums roaming Taiwan is a strong signal that Musk has global ambitions for his Full Self-Driving tech. And honestly, few places could benefit more from self-driving cars than the stress-inducing chaos that is driving in Taiwan.

From motorcycles swarming around vehicles to pedestrians randomly jaywalking, the island’s road scene is notoriously intense. Being able to let the autonomous driving AI handle all of that madness? That would surely be a huge selling point for Tesla FSD V12 when it eventually rolls out in Taiwan and across Asia.

Of course, Tesla still has major regulatory and technical hurdles to clear before it can go full self-driving globally. But sending its mapping minions abroad to collect road data is likely an early step towards preparing for that FSD worldwide expansion.

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