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Home » Tesla Model Y Long Range RWD Now Available in Various Countries in Europe

Tesla Model Y Long Range RWD Now Available in Various Countries in Europe

Model Y Long Range RWD is now available in various countries in Europe

Tesla unlocked flagship for European drivers craving maximum efficiency, launched Model Y long range rear-wheel drive (RWD) variant across the continent, promising a staggering 600 km (370 miles) of range on the WLTP cycle.

Built in Tesla’s Giga Berlin, this streamlined Model Y strips out the dual-motor all-wheel drive system to become the company’s most range-optimized European offering yet. Rocking a single high-efficiency rear motor paired with an energy-dense battery pack, this lean Y sips just 14.9 kWh per 100 km – easily Tesla’s thriftiest SUV to date.

Of course, maximizing range comes at a cost – both financially and in performance. RWD Model Y starts at €48,990, slotting between Tesla’s base rear-wheel drive version and the quicker AWD variants. But for Euro buyers prioritizing long-distance travel over blistering speed, this new single-motor configuration could be the perfect compromise.

Tesla insists it still packs “the highest level of premium materials, convenience, safety and connected features included as standard.” The company is clearly betting big on efficiency becoming a major selling point as energy costs remain elevated across Europe.

So will the ultra-frugal Long Range rear-wheel drive become the new normal for Model Y buyers make sacrifices for maximum miles? Or will most still pony up for the quicker, grippier dual-motor performance?

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