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Tesla has Launched All-new Model S Plaid Sport Seats

Sport Seats as standard equipment on the Model S Plaid

Tesla is injecting an extra dose of athleticism into its flagship performance sedan. Tesla launched all-new, ultra-bolstered Sport Seats as standard equipment on every Model S Plaid built from April 2024 onward.

Don’t let the sleek design fool you – these newly redesigned front buckets were engineered to keep drivers firmly planted during hot laps. Tesla says the Model S Plaid Sport Seats feature “track-inspired bolstering with increased lateral support” compared to the standard chairs.

But performance comes with a premium touch too. The aggressively contoured bolsters are wrapped in luxurious suede material to provide “increased grip” when you’re really hustling. Tesla even added some exclusive “Plaid composite decor” trim in the center of the backrests as a subtleiunsignian flex.

Of course, spirited driving shouldn’t mean sacrificing comfort for daily duties. Tesla insists the new Sport Seats retain all the everyday amenities you’d expect like 12-way power adjustability, heating and ventilation to keep your backside properly swaddled.

The big question – do buttery smooth Plaid drivers even want this much lateral support? Or are these super sculpted seats really just for the track rats?

Regardless, snagging this racier new seating option no longer requires checking an extra box on the configurator. It now comes standard as Tesla streamlines the Plaid’s sportier new look.

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