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SpaceX is Now Selling Refurbished V4 Starlink Dishes to US Consumers for $399 (33% off)


In an unexpected move, SpaceX has started selling refurbished models of its V4 Starlink internet dishes to US customers at a steep discount. The twice-loved satellite dishes are going for $399 a pop โ€“ a full 33% off the usual $599 asking price for a brand spankin’ new unit.

The refurb option, which just landed on, applies to SpaceX’s shiny V4 standard dish that only recently became available to all US consumers in January. Yep, you can now score one of those sleek, top-spec dishes fresh off the refurb line for hundreds less than retail.

Of course, SpaceX claims the refurb models are functionally identical to new dishes, packing the same specs, speeds, and full warranty protection. “All refurbished kits will have the same devices, function, and warranty as a standard order,” the company states.

It’s pretty rare for SpaceX to offer any sort of discount on Starlink stateside, where demand for Elon Musk’s satellite internet remains sky-high. The company has sold refurbished dishes overseas for a while now in markets like Australia and Europe. But this is the first such promo aimed at US customers that we can recall.

SpaceX says its Starlink refurb sales are a limited-time affair and only available “while supplies last.” The twice-loved dishes are currently on sale in “select states,” reserved just for residential users rather than businesses.

For anyone who’s been hungry to try out Starlink’s latest Gen 4 hardware โ€“ which boasts higher speeds, lower latency, and Wi-Fi 6 support โ€“ this refurb promo could be awfully tempting. Just don’t take too long mulling it over before these discount dishes sell out.

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