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Tesla’s Updated New Model 3 Performance Finally Lands in Europe

new Tesla Model 3 Performance

Tesla’s giving European drivers a taste of pure “Insanity” with the first customer deliveries of its revamped Model 3 Performance hitting the continent this week.

Several thousand units of the amped-up electric sedan fresh off the line from Tesla’s Giga Shanghai were shipped Europe. Reports from Germany, the first lucky recipients are just now getting behind the wheel of this highly anticipated performance beast.

Model 3 Performance Europe

So what can they expect? For starters, a serious boost in straight-line savagery thanks to a 460 hp dual-motor powertrain that can rip from 0-100 km/h in a blistering 3.1 seconds. That’s nearly on par with the 510 hp, 2.9 second 0-60 mph time for the new performance model 3 2024 American counterpart.

Chill, Standard and Insane Acceleration Modes

It’s not just brute acceleration thrills that set this latest Model 3 apart, refreshed Performance variant also packs a full interior overhaul with comfier seats, improved noise insulation, an upgraded sound system and even dual rear display screens.

Tesla has cleverly built in three distinct acceleration modes to choose from: a sedate “Chill” setting for daily driving, a middle-ground “Standard” mode or, you guessed it, the main event “Insane” that unleashes the EV’s full might.

At just under $53,000, the new Model 3 Performance, with the latest revisions to EV tax credits in the US, it’s still eligible for hefty discounts.

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