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Mirrorless Refresh Model 3 Spotted: Tesla’s Robotaxi Future?

Model 3 prototype without side mirrors

A refreshed Model 3 sporting Tesla’s iconic T badge but missing those signature wing mirrors has been spotted testing in the wild.

The big question is: what exactly is this thing? Judging by the odd camera placements peppered around the front, sides, and rear, it sure seems like an early testbed for Tesla’s much-hyped Robotaxi service. Elon did tease a mirrorless future in one of his X posts last September, so this prototype gives us a tantalizing glimpse of that bold vision.

Model 3 prototype without side mirrors

Of course, this flying blind approach isn’t just for show. Tesla’s been telegraphing its disdain for clunky protruding mirrors for a while now, with the Cybertruck’s nifty removable units and that futuristic closed tailgate setup, it’s all about dat sleek, unibody aesthetic.

Having said that, don’t get too excited about this mirror-free Model 3 rocking up at your local dealer. If the whispers from Tesla’s inner circle are to be believed, the Robotaxi is a fundamentally different beast to regular passenger cars. We’re talking ground-up redesign levels of differentiation here, far beyond just deleting the steering wheel.

So while Elon’s camera-crazy antics are equal parts brilliant and baffling, this specific Model 3 variant is likely just an early test mule for the Robotaxi’s sensor setups. A fascinating sneak peek into Tesla’s autonomous driving ambitions? Definitely. A precursor to sideview-free personal transportation? Not quite yet, but hey – gotta start unmirroring those roads somehow!

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