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NIO New ONVO L60 Electric SUV Takes Aim at the Tesla Model Y

NIO's New ONVO L60 Takes Aim at the Tesla Model Y

NIO has unveiled ONVO L60 electric SUV looks primed to give the Model Y some stiff competition – at least when it comes to interior luxury and driving range. L60 packs impressive specs and premium cabin appointments that could make it a compelling alternative to Tesla’s mass-market EV.

William Li chairman and CEO of NIO, talking about ONVO L60 model, said the impressive energy consumption figures have set “a benchmark for family cars” that aims to match or exceed even Tesla’s most efficient offerings.

“You really need to be meticulous with your calculations and manage energy consumption meticulously. It wouldn’t be acceptable if we didn’t perform as well as Tesla,” Li stated regarding the L60’s low power draw.

NIO's New ONVO L60 Takes Aim at the Tesla Model Y

Li’s comments highlight how NIO is zeroing in on energy efficiency as a key competitive advantage for the ONVO L60 against rivals like the Tesla Model Y. By squeezing more range out of the same battery capacity, NIO could deliver a compelling range and cost-of-ownership story.

Like the Model Y, the NIO ONVO L60 sports a spacious interior with room for 5 adults and plenty of cargo space. But unlike Tesla’s minimalist design language, NIO seems to be going for more of a luxury vibe.

ONVO L60 massive 17.2-inch 3K center display, along with a 13-inch color UHD display and an 8-inch rear entertainment screen. Forget the Model Y’s single screen – ONVO L60 pulls out all the stops for its digital cockpit.

The L60 can supposedly accommodate two large 28″ suitcases plus two smaller 24″ bags with the rear seats upright. Impressive cargo room for a vehicle in this class.

While the cabin looks plush, NIO may have an even bigger advantage under the L60’s sheet metal: incredible driving range. L60 could be the first EV to outrange even Tesla’s efficient Model Y with the same battery capacity.

According to NIO, the L60’s standard 555km (345 mile) CLTC range beats the Model Y Long Range’s 545km rating. And buyers can opt for extended range battery packs offering up to an insane 1000+ km on a charge.

The secret sauce? NIO’s 900V electrical architecture with a silicon carbide inverter paired to its in-house 254 TOPS Nvidia Orin X processor. That ultra-fast power delivery and intelligent energy management could give the L60 a major efficiency edge.

With a price tag around $30,000 for the base model (or $24,000 if you subscribe to NIO’s battery rental program), the ONVO L60 looks like it could give the Model Y a serious run for its money when it launches in China later this year.

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