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Home » Tesla FSD v12.4 has Started to Roll out to Employees, No Steering Wheel nag

Tesla FSD v12.4 has Started to Roll out to Employees, No Steering Wheel nag

Tesla's FSD

Say goodbye to the nagging steering wheel reminders on your Tesla – the latest FSD (Supervised) update has started to roll out to employees, FSD V12.4 brings a slick new vision-based attention monitoring system to keep an eye on you instead of pestering you to tug the wheel every few seconds.

Elon Musk Big Tesla FSD V12.4 Update: ‘Massive Moment’ for Tesla Autonomy

The new cabin camera monitoring means you can kick back and let your Tesla do the driving on city streets without that annoying steering wheel nag interrupting your jam sesh. But don’t get too comfortable – Tesla’s not about to let you full-on snooze while FSD is engaged.

Tesla FSD removes the steering wheel nag by using cabin cameras to monitor driver attentiveness instead

Smart camera system is always watching to ensure you’re still attentive and ready to take over if needed. Doze off or start browsing smartphone, and you may find FSD disabling itself until you get your head back in the game.

But the Vision monitoring isn’t the only slick upgrade in FSD v12.4, update combines Tesla’s city driving smarts into one ultra-powerful neural network model trained on millions of real-world video clips.

The idea? Smoother, smarter autonomous handling on complex city roads. Though whether it’s smart enough to navigate Jersey traffic circles, we’ll have to wait and see.

Elon clearly still has supreme confidence in FSD’s ability to convert the remaining skeptics through sheer technological force. Come later in the summer when FSD v12.5 arrives in late June packing what Elon cryptically described as “a major improvement in mpi and is single stack – no more implicit stack on highways.”

So is this self-driving party trick raising safety concerns? Or a much-needed upgrade to cut down on naggy driving distractions? As FSD v12.4 rolls out, we’ll be watching closely.

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