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Home » Tesla Drops Massive 2023 Impact Report – Here Are the Juiciest Bits

Tesla Drops Massive 2023 Impact Report – Here Are the Juiciest Bits

Tesla 2023 Impact Report

Love them or hate them, you can never accuse Tesla of thinking small. The EV juggernaut just dropped a massive 153-page sustainability bible for 2023, and it’s packed with tantalizing nuggets about the company’s planetary footprint, safety records, and next-gen battery tech.

The headliner stats? Tesla produced and delivered over 1.8 million electric vehicles globally in 2023 – an impressive feat even for Elon’s well-oiled machine. But the real showstoppers were the new safety figures: vehicles operating with basic Autopilot engaged recorded one accident every 1.23 million miles, while cars running the Tesla’s FSD managed a mind-boggling 4.76 million miles per incident.

For some quick context, the average miles per accident for vehicles without any sort of driver assistance was just a small fraction of those at around 670,000 miles or so. In other words, latest autopilot stats are a huge flex on driving safety, this Impact Report is Tesla flexing hard on what it sees as a key advantage over the competition.

But the meaty details don’t stop there. Tesla also pulled back the curtain on some juicy tidbits about its cutting-edge 4680 battery cells and Cybertruck pack. We’re talking middle-of-the-road energy density of around 170 Wh/kg for the Nickel-based cells, cobalt supplies that are 100% audited, and a monster 1,344-cell, 123 kWh, 721kg pack destined for the hotly-anticipated electric truck.

So is this mountain of an Impact Report just more slick marketing from Tesla’s PR gurus? Or proof positive that, love it or hate it, the company is genuinely making tangible strides toward cleaner mobility and greater transparency? There’s plenty for both fans and critics to scrutinize across the 153 pages of data.

As the automotive industry barrels toward an all-electric future, Tesla won’t be ceding the sustainability narrative without one hell of a fight. With splashy reports like this one, the company is betting that overwhelming data dumps on everything from production to safety to batteries will help cement its reputation as the environmental leader of the EV revolution.

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