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Tesla Self-Driving Autonomy FSD Gets a Boost from Nvidia’s CEO

Tesla Autonomy is the New Norm, Says Nvidia CEO

In the world of autonomous driving, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang is siding with Tesla’s approach. “Every single car, someday will have to have autonomous capability,” Jensen stated in a Yahoo finance interview.

The comment highlights Nvidia’s belief that truly self-driving, autonomous vehicles are no mere passing fad – they’re the future we’re driving towards, Jensen seems to imply Tesla’s at the forefront of this inevitable transition.

“Tesla is far ahead in self-driving cars,” he added, praising Tesla’s autonomous driving tech that allows features like auto lane changes, smart navigation assistance, and more.

Jensen Huang would know – he’s no stranger to the forces shaping the automotive industry. As CEO of one of the world’s leading computer chip makers, he’s been riding the cutting edge of new technologies for years.

That his view aligns so neatly with Tesla’s publicly stated mission – to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transport through vehicles progressively becoming more autonomous – is no coincidence. Like Elon’s EV trailblazer, Nvidia is all-in on this autonomous driving future.

So what kind of future is Nvidia envisioning, exactly? Their bet, it seems, is on mainstream autonomous capability becoming the norm. Huang’s phrasing of “every single car, someday” having autonomous abilities implies they see self-driving tech spanning the full spectrum – from budget economy rides to luxury vehicle lineups.

In other words, the traditional “vehicle” of old could soon become obsolete. Get ready for your personal road trip machine to come pre-loaded with built-in self-driving skills, just like it does with airbags and seatbelts today.

All this disruption doesn’t come without its fair share of upheaval, of course. Just like Tesla’s shaken up the automotive world by leaning into electric powertrains as a core brand identity, Nvidia seems to be betting big that automakers will need to pivot hard into autonomous capabilities to stay relevant.

The big question is: will legacy brands like Ford, Toyota, and GM rise to the occasion and make autonomous driving a top priority a la Elon Musk? Or will they cede that territory to ambitious new EV players who wear their self-driving autonomy on their sleeves?

Autonomous, self-driving future is approaching a lot faster than we think.

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