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Tesla 2024.20 Update Adaptive Matrix Headlight and Brings the Racetrack to Superchargers

Tesla Adaptive headlights

Your Tesla’s high-beam game is about to get a major glow-up, expect in Tesla’s upcoming software update 2024.20 brings upgraded adaptive matrix headlight capabilities that can actually bend the light beams to better illuminate upcoming curves on the road ahead. If you’re tearing down the motorway, the headlights will now automatically brighten to maximum illumination for safer high-speed cruising.

Adaptive matrix headlights for North America? Previously I believe they’ve only been enabled in Europe.

That’s just the start, upcoming 2024.20 update also packs a handful of other smart enhancements like quicker cabin cooling and lower fan noise for more comfortable AC blasts on sweltering summer days.

Possibly the most delightful addition? new “Supercharger Races” mini-game tucked inside Tesla’s trademark Beach Buggy Racing 2 arcade experience.

Beach Buggy Racing 2 - Supercharger Races

Here’s how it works: pull up to any Supercharger stall, and you’ll be able to compete in special races against other connected players around the globe. Fire up those tiny electric karts and blaze through wacky tracks, all while aiming for the fastest lap times on the leaderboard. It’s a genius way to burn a few competitive minutes while juicing up your EV.

Little touches like the Supercharger Races mode show Tesla hasn’t lost its quirky side, even as its vehicles become increasingly mainstream. Sure, smart matrix headlights and climate upgrades are great and all. An excuse to transform boring charging stops into impromptu virtual races? That’s the fun, human touch that could help separate Tesla’s in-car experience from the competition.

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