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Home » The Militarized Tesla Cybertruck Police Cruiser is Finally Here, Beast comes of UpfitTesla

The Militarized Tesla Cybertruck Police Cruiser is Finally Here, Beast comes of UpfitTesla

Cybertruck Police Cruiser Finally Here

Cybertruck is getting the full police vehicle UpFit treatment, slab-sided beast comes courtesy of UpfitTesla, a new division of the ominously named UnpluggedTesla, it pulls precisely zero punches in decking out Elon’s stainless steel brute with every possible police and tactical accessory under the sun.

We’re talking reinforced ballistic protection doors rated to stop armor-piercing rifle rounds, aggressive push bumpers and ramming grilles up front, full suite of emergency lighting including roof-mounted light bars,side strobes, rear fadeoffs and spotlights. You know, the full gamut of weapons-grade cop car gear.

There are endless customization options too like integrated K9 dog kennels, undercover “slick” packages to blackout those flashing lights, tucked away gear storage compartments for, uhh, “tactical” equipment, and much more. You can even option up a furry “fur missile” accommodation system for your trusty K9 partner.

UpFIT Cybertruck police rig isn’t simply rehashing traditional gas-powered cop car upgrades. They’ve baked in some purely electric-first innovations like an “insomnia mode” that keeps all the power-hungry lights, computers and comms systems running nonstop without taxing the battery. Very on-brand.

Cybertruck Police Cruiser Finally Here

You can also future-proof your Cybertruck cruiser for the upcoming Starlink satellite internet era by adding hardware provisions right from the factory. Nifty idea for rural departments.

The only thing UpfitTesla hasn’t announced? Pricing. Though if you have to ask how much this militarized electric cop truck costs, you probably can’t afford it anyway. Police departments have surely been waiting a long time to live out their Cyberpunk fantasies though, with any luck, this ultra-aggressive Cybertruck UpFit will help them sleep like babies at night.

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