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Rivian Doubles Down on Performance with Insane New Gen Quad-Motor R1T and R1S

Rivian New Gen R1T and R1S

Electric truck startup Rivian is turning the wick up to 11 with its newly unveiled second generation R1T pickup and R1S SUV. These suckers are packing some seriously bonkers performance upgrades.

Top-spec quad-motor powertrain option that is an outright stats monster. We’re talking 1,025 electrified horses under the hood that’ll rocket the R1T from 0-60mph in just 2.5 seconds. That’s quicker than the ludicrous Cybertruck claimed 2.9 second time, by the way. The R1S SUV matches that blistering 2.5 second sprint.

It’s not just about straight line speed. Rivian says it has totally re-engineered the drive units, suspension, brakes and cooling systems to handle all that extreme power and performance. There are new wheels, tires, and a comprehensive aero package to improve range too.

Rivian New Gen R1T and R1S

On the range front, Rivian claims its new max battery pack option will take you up to 420 miles between charges – up from the current gen’s 410 mile maximum. The company is also introducing a lower cost LFP battery choice for the first time, albeit with a shorter 270 mile range rating.

Other upgrades include seriously boosted computing power under the hood thanks to new Nvidia AI chips, higher res cameras, and improved radar sensors to enable future hands-free driver assistance updates. Oh, and the interiors get some cool new material options like maple wood trim and bronze accents.

How Much for the Insanity?

Pricing is still TBA for the full trim lineup, but Rivian says the new tri-motor “Dual Motor Quad Max” models will start at $99,900 for the R1T and $105,900 for the R1S before incentives. That gets you the big 420+ mile Max battery pack as standard.

No word yet on how much Rivian plans to charge for the range-topping 1,025hp quad-motor variants that’ll likely cost six figures minimum. But for that level of extreme electric performance and capability, there’s a good chance more than a few wealthy buyers will be willing to pay the premium – as long as Rivian can actually manufacture them at meaningful volumes this time.

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