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Li Auto Automobile W01: A Brand-New Form of High-Voltage Pure Electric Product for Families

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Li Auto Automobile recently took the stage at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show to showcase its latest creation – the Model W01. The preview image revealed an MPV model, but the company’s official internal statement suggests that the Li Auto high-voltage pure electric product is not confined to the current form of fuel vehicles. Instead, it is a brand-new form built exclusively for families, offering a unique and innovative space that cannot be defined by traditional fuel vehicle standards.

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Li Auto’s First Pure Electric Model: W01

As Lixiang (Li Auto ) first pure electric model, the W01 is set to MPV electric vehicle market. With an ultra-low drag coefficient, the same battery can provide a longer cruising range. This means that the W01’s impressive 480km pure electric range can save more batteries than its competitors.

The W01 is also equipped with Ningde Era 4C Kirin battery, making it the world’s first product to feature this innovative technology. The battery not only offers exceptional performance but is also incredibly durable, making it an excellent choice for the W01.

Design: Large Arc Body Line and Short Front Overhang Shape

The W01’s design is equally impressive. It features a large arc body line design and a short front overhang shape, giving it a sleek, aerodynamic look. The bullet-like body posture helps control wind resistance, improving efficiency and performance. Additionally, the rear part of the car showcases a rather long, ensuring ample space for the third row and rear trunk.

Li Auto Automobile’s mission to build pure electric products around the family is evident in the W01’s design and features. It is a brand-new form of high-voltage pure electric product that offers a new space for families.

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