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New 2024 BMW i5: A Sneak Peek at the Future of 5 Series Electric Cars

bmw i5

BMW has just unveiled its latest creation, the eagerly anticipated new BMW i5, at the 2023 BMW Annual Conference. This pure electric 5 Series model global debut set for May 24, the i5 is gearing up for release later this year, and we couldn’t be more excited. Here’s what we know so far:

First Look at the New BMW i5 Interior

In a teaser video released by BMW, we get a glimpse of the i5’s interior. From what we can see, it looks like the i5 will have a similar layout to the BMW 7 Series. But will it be a complete replica of the 7 Series in every way? We’ll have to wait and see.


Power and Performance

The BMW i5 will be available in two configurations: the entry-level eDrive40 and the more powerful M60 xDrive. The eDrive40 will have a single rear-mounted motor with 335 horsepower, while the M60 xDrive will have dual motors for a total of 590 horsepower. The eDrive40 offers an impressive 295 miles of range, making it perfect for drivers who prioritize range over speed. But for those who crave more power, the M60 xDrive is the way to go.

Suspension and Body Control

The i5 will come equipped with a new suspension system that is based on newly developed control logic. This system can adjust the damping force according to input variables such as wheel speed, steering angle, yaw rate, and acceleration. This will result in better body control and a smoother ride. The i5 M60 xDrive version will also come with standard active suspension for even better handling.

Advanced Driving Assistance

The i5 will be equipped with more advanced driving assistance functions. In supported countries, the BMW 5 Series sedan and i5 will have an optional Driving Assistant Professional enhanced driving assistance system. This system can be used in scenarios where the speed is lower than 130km/h. It continuously monitors the driver’s eyes, and when it detects that the driver is looking at the left or right exterior mirror and there is no vehicle passing in the corresponding adjacent lane, the vehicle will issue a prompt and automatically steer and change lanes.

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Variety is the Spice of Life

The i5 sedan will come in two versions: a high-performance M version and a standard version. Additionally, there will be a station wagon version, available in both sedan and Touring travel versions. The sedan version will be derived from the M Performance high-performance version, while the travel version will be available in 2024.

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