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Home » Tesla Rolls Out China Update 2023.12.9 with Customizable Regen Braking

Tesla Rolls Out China Update 2023.12.9 with Customizable Regen Braking

Tesla dropped software OTA update today, version 2023.12.9, exclusively for customers in China. The update brings back user control over kinetic energy recovery, regenerative braking intensity.

The full list of version updates includes:

Fixed network security vulnerabilities like software signature verification issues, gateway buffer overflows, symbolic link abuse, and potential software downgrades.

Reduced the internal short-circuit monitoring voltage for the electronic power steering system to improve stability.

Updated traction control calibration to boost low-grip road handling and high-speed stability.

Improved energy recovery braking by allowing drivers to choose how much regen braking is applied when lifting off the accelerator. The new default Stopping Mode sets regen to “Low.”

Added a reminder when the accelerator is held down for too long.

Refined the Stopping Mode feature; the factory default is now “Slow Creep.”

Added Icelandic language support.

New feature: an audible gear shift reminder.

The mobile app now lets you control calls using the left scroll wheel button on the steering wheel.

New feature: customizable steering wheel buttons to access more functions.

Improved user interface with a “Search” function for quick access to controls and settings.

UI improvement: choose “Standard” or “Large” touchscreen text size.

New “Know Your Tesla” tutorial feature in the updated “Manual” app explains basics like driver profiles, phone keys, and regen braking.

The map version was also updated to CN-20236-14485.

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