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Tesla’s Model Y Gets a Boost from BYD Batteries in Germany

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Tesla’s latest version of the Model Y equipped with BYD batteries has been produced at Giga Berlin Factory in Germany and is now being delivered to customers. This marks the first time Tesla’s used Chinese batteries, not to mention the first EV they’re shipping in Europe with LFP (lithium iron phosphate) batteries.

According to posts on the German Tesla forum TFF, the first lucky ducks to get their hands on the new BYD-battery Model Y are stoked. One user, ingolfernst, was shocked to see their Model Y RWD hit 172 kW and stay there while charging from 20% to 50% SOC. Which is a huge win, longer than the previous version of the lithium iron phosphate battery.

While the battery capacity is smaller than the long-range and performance versions, the charging speeds are seriously impressive. The new ride can churn out 170+ kW for way longer, and an 11-71% charge takes just 15 minutes. Charts from users show the old Ningde-era LFP Model Y struggling to hold 110 kW at 50% charge – the BYD battery blows it out of the water by sticking to ~172 kW up to 50% and staying ahead the whole time.


The reason why Tesla opted for BYD batteries is due to the EU approval – built with BYD structural battery packs that forms a part of the load-bearing structure of the vehicle.

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Before now, Tesla only sold long-range and performance Model Ys in Europe. They registered an RWD Model Y with a 60 kWh CATL battery (range of 455 km) in Germany last August, but docs also show a mystery “Type 055” Model Y with a 55 kWh BYD battery (440 km range). Looks like Tesla wanted 4680 cells in the German Model Y at first but couldn’t get enough, so BYD’s similar CTB tech won them over. The BYD battery shaves 66 kg off the weight (now 2,087 kg) and cuts consumption to 15.5 kWh/100 km.

Tesla’s managed to quietly make a massive upgrade to the Model Y that should thrill both European drivers and shareholders. With glowing reviews already coming in, the BYD-battery Model Y may give Tesla’s European ambitions a boost at a critical moment.

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