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Home » Tesla’s Model 3 Production Line Halts in Shanghai Gigafactory ‘Highland’ coming soon?

Tesla’s Model 3 Production Line Halts in Shanghai Gigafactory ‘Highland’ coming soon?

Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory seems to be bustling with activity, according to drone footage, but there’s an unusual silence in the area dedicated to the Model 3. The reason? The production line for the Model 3 appears to have been temporarily stopped, according to sources.

A Bloomberg report earlier this month suggested that Tesla is close to the final testing stages for a new version of the Model 3, which requires adjustments to the production line. The report also mentioned that the line may have been shut down for several days at the end of May to accommodate these changes. Recent drone footage confirms the halt in the Model 3 area.

The buzz surrounding the new version of the Model 3, code-named ‘Highland’ is gaining momentum. The project is expected to bring significant improvements to the car, including a camera at the end of the headlight group, which will enhance the vehicle’s visual perception and performance of the automatic driving assistance system.

New Model 3 ‘Highland’ will feature a brand-new headlight design, removing the previous arc design and giving it a tougher look. The light source in the lamp cavity has also been adjusted, with an L-shaped light strip at the bottom, providing a fresh and modern look. The new car will also come equipped with a new multi-spoke wheel design, adding to its overall sporty appeal.

With the production line temporarily halted, it’s clear that Tesla is making significant adjustments to bring an even better version of the Model 3 ‘Highland’ to the market.

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