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Aston Martin First Mass-Produced Electric Vehicle to Debut in 2026

Aston Martin

Aston Martin’s head honcho, Lawrence Stroll, recently announced that the famed British automaker’s inaugural all-electric vehicle will drop “on the dot” in 2026. Stroll also shared that Aston Martin will spill the beans on all the new whippers coming down the pike over the next five years, including some plug-in hybrids, at their Capital Markets Day shindig on June 27th.

Based on what Stroll’s laid down, it sounds like Aston Martin’s not going all-in on pure EVs just yet, instead focusing on plug-in hybrids for the time being. Even so, according to Aston’s main creative man, Marek Reichman, their upcoming EV will be “something completely new” on an “all-new platform,” not just slapping some batteries into an old chassis.

While Aston’s kept the details about the platform on the down-low, Reichman said, “You’ll see we have a different target. We’ve dreamed up something totally different than what’s already out there. The way we see it, electric isn’t just a powertrain – it’s a whole new driving dynamic. That’s why we’ve mapped out our own road.”

As for the plug-in hybrids, Stroll thinks that tech’s “here to stay through the 2030s, at least.” Aston’s first plug-in PHEV, the Valhalla, is set to drop by the end of next year.

“You will see we have a different target, we have in mind something completely different to the technology out there already,” said Fedeli.

Stroll’s made no bones about wanting to build up to 10,000 bespoke vehicles per year, with customers waiting up to two years for their made-to-order dream machines.

“My vision and dream is for Aston Martin to be ultra-luxury wedded with high performance and take marketing and technology from Formula 1,” Stroll said.

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