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2024 Volvo EX30: Pure EV Subcompact SUV Starting price $34,950


Volvo finally gave us a peek at their smallest pure electric ride yet, the EX30. As Volvo’s first subcompact luxury SUV and fourth all-electric model, the EX30’s poised to be an affordable alternative to the XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge at a starting price of $34,950 in the US and around €36,000 across the EU pond.

The EX30’s a compact little thing, measuring 4,233mm long, 1,837mm wide and 1,555mm tall, with a 2,650mm wheelbase and curb weight of 1,830kg. According to Volvo, they tuned the EX30’s chassis to make the most of its pint-sized footprint, low center of gravity and evenly-spread weight.

The EX30 sports a similar look to the EX90, including a sealed-off grille, Thor’s Hammer headlights, split tail lights and a dashboard that’s pretty much a dead ringer.

Inside, the EX30 comes with a 12.3-inch infotainment screen and an elongated speaker bar tucked under the windshield, which is a first.

Volvo partnered with Google, Apple, Qualcomm and their joint venture with ECARX, HaleyTek, to kit out the EX30 with the “best infotainment platform” and over-the-air software updates. The EX30 also comes with a digital key compatible with most smartphones, an app for charging, location, locking, unlocking and preheating, and the latest self-parking tech to handle every spot from parallel to fishbone.

In the US, the EX30 offers a Long Range single motor with 268hp, 343Nm of torque, a 64kWh battery pack and 275-mile range, or a Performance dual motor AWD model with 422hp, 543Nm, the same 64kWh battery and 265 miles of range, making it the quickest Volvo ever at 3.4 seconds 0-60mph.

In Europe and elsewhere, Volvo’s also offering a single motor entry model with 268hp, a 49kWh LFP battery and around 200 miles of range.

The NMC-battery EX30 can DC fast charge at up to 153kW, hitting 10-80% in around 26.5 minutes. The LFP version charges at up to 134kW and 10-80% in 26 minutes.

Volvo will start taking EX30 reservations in 2024. With its solid pricing, the EX30 is set to make major waves in the EV market.

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