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Tesla Project Highland Model 3 Spotted with Exciting Changes!


The Kilowatts, an electric vehicle fan account, tweeted out pics of a mysterious Model 3 prototype with some major upgrades cruising around California. Dubbed “Project Highland” Tesla Model 3 was sporting a seriously revamped style and decked out with Tesla’s latest self-driving hardware HW4, including upgraded cameras.

The new look is quite the glow up. The front headlights have been redesigned, giving the Model 3 a sleeker, more lux vibe compared to the current version. The rear taillights went from horizontal to vertical too, which just looks way cooler if you ask me. But the biggest change has to be the new rear bumper – it’s got a diffuser like the Model S, X and Y to boost handling at high speeds. Seems like Tesla might be gearing up to release a performance Model 3?

In other news, leaked photo of the Project Highland Tesla Model 3 reveals a subtle yet distinctive design feature that confirms the authenticity of the new design. The side repeater now flows seamlessly into the door, as seen on the Model 3 highland spotted by @klwtts. While the new car doesn’t showcase the new 19″ Sport wheels, it still maintains a stunning appearance.

While we’ve known about Project Highland since last fall, Tesla’s kept the launch date for this gussied up Model 3 under wraps. But with these latest peeks at the new prototype in action, seems like the big reveal could be coming up real soon. Talk about something to look forward to! The future of Tesla’s more affordable all-electric sedan just got a whole lot more exciting.

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