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Washington State Set to Shake Up EV Charging Standards with Tesla’s NACS Plug

The Biden administration today announced $623 million in grants to help build 7,500 EV charging ports across the U.S.

The state of Washington looks like it’s gonna require electric vehicle charging companies to support Tesla’s proprietary plug if they wanna tap into those sweet, sweet federal fund subsidies for electrifying highways. At least that’s what a top official intimated in a recent chat with Reuters.

Texas Mandates Dual Standard for EV Chargers: Tesla NACS and CCS

If this pans out, Washington would become the second US state after Texas to make Tesla’s plug a must-have. Buell, who heads alternative fuel projects at Washington’s Department of Transportation, told Reuters, “We’re stoked that carmakers and charging networks are finally gettin’ with the program and movin’ to a single standard. We wanna provide as many makes and models as possible that work with Tesla’s plug.”

The Feds launched a $7.5 billion plan to juice up highways across the nation, but that dough comes with strings attached – charging companies gotta support the CCS standard pushed by the Feds. Thing is, while the Feds control the cash, states control how it’s spent. Looks like Washington’s fixin’ to tighten requirements beyond the Feds’ minimum.

With Tesla HQ and a new factory in Texas, that state was first to demand the Tesla treatment. Industry folks figure that move’ll prod other states to adopt Tesla’s plug as the one plug to rule ’em all in North America.

Buell said Washington’s mulling how to implement this. The Feds say at least four CCS plugs per station. Washington may insist two or even all four also speak Tesla. The state aims to start huntin’ for proposals this fall.

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