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MG Motor MG4 EV Makes 99 Euros per Month Discounted Leasing Service in France


MG Motor has announced a new discounted leasing service that allows French customers to rent an MG4 electric vehicle for 99 euros per month, offer will be available from July 1st to August 31st and is made possible through a partnership between MG and Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance.

This exciting new offer is part of MG’s “social leasing” program, which aims to provide affordable electric cars to a wider audience. With this offer, MG hopes to make social leasing a reality by providing an MG4 at a low monthly cost of €99, without any down payment. However, it is important to note that this offer is subject to certain conditions, such as the super bonus for low-income households (€7,000) and the conversion bonus (€2,000).

MG4 is a fantastic electric car option, and this offer makes it accessible to more people. The duration of the lease is 24 months/20,000 km. First month requires a payment of €9,500, which is covered by state aid of €7,000 and an additional premium of €2,500, offer is only available for those with an income lower than €14,090.

This leasing service is part of SAIC MG Motor’s “social leasing” program, which is the French government’s plan to make electric cars more affordable. The program has been delayed multiple times due to concerns that it would mainly benefit Asian brands and not help electric cars produced in Europe. However, with MG’s partnership with Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, it seems that they have found a way to make it work.

According to Reuters, the French government’s “social leasing” program will be launched later this year and officially implemented in 2024. At that time, the first batch of affordable electric cars produced in Europe will enter the market, including Stellantis’ Citroen e-C3 and Renault’s R5.

In May, imported MG4s from China were the fifth best-selling electric cars in France, according to data from the French Association for Electric Vehicles (Avere-France). MG’s new leasing service is an exciting opportunity for French customers to enjoy the benefits of electric vehicles at a more affordable price.

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